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The new menu is awesome and the new owners are great!! They took the time to come and introduce themselves to us while we were there. We have been there multiple times, once with our new puppy. We only had 1 bad experience, the waitress we had was not very friendly and had a sort of attitude. Not sure what was going on. She never returned for any refills or asked us if we needed anything and while she was taking our order she had to ask someone else’s help with what we were ordering. It seemed she didn’t understand what we were ordering, nothing fancy it was on the menu. We had to order our dessert from another girl who was way more friendly/ outgoing and helpful. Wish we could of left her the tip instead. We will be repeat customers for sure!!! Can’t get enough of the pineapple guacamole and horchata!!

Pamela Radtke-Moore

Great place. Awesome owners, great drinks, and great tasting food from experienced chefs. After the new owners took this place over, it went from the bottom of my list to the top. We have been there a good handful of times and it has been perfect every time. Great atmosphere, and different dishes that you won't get at any other mexican joint in town. The Cicada benedict is stellar and the house margaritas are made with top shelf tequila. Check this place out.

Benny Roxx

I have had the good fortune of eating in a wide variety of remarkable restaurants all over the States, but find that I was particularly lucky while in Redding for a business trip. I had the pleasure of having dinner with you last week, and the food was incredible and the Margaritas large. The best part of our diner, however was result of effort made by Shelleen Tate, who is with out a doubt, one of the most remarkable servers I know of. Seriously! The quintessential example of customer service, attentiveness, humor, menu tour guide... I mean AMAZING! Thanks Shellen. Thank you Cicada Cantina

George Ty Frederick Watson